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Sleeping Band Headphone

Sleeping Band Headphone

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Indulge in a peaceful night's sleep and enhance relaxation with our Sleeping Band Headphone. This innovative and comfortable headband combines a wireless headphone with a soft, stretchy band, allowing you to enjoy soothing sounds or white noise as you drift off to sleep.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

Our Sleeping Band Headphone is designed with your comfort in mind. The soft and stretchy band fits snugly around your head, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout the night.

Wireless and Tangle-Free

Say goodbye to tangled wires and uncomfortable earbuds. Our Sleeping Band Headphone is wireless and easily connects to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, giving you the freedom to move and sleep without disruptions.

Soothing Sounds for Better Sleep

The headband's integrated headphone delivers soothing sounds or white noise, helping to drown out external noises and create a calming environment for better sleep.

Key Features

Comfortable Sleep Solution

The soft and stretchy headband ensures a comfortable and secure fit for a restful night's sleep.

Wireless and Tangle-Free

Experience the convenience of wireless connectivity, eliminating tangled wires during sleep.

Soothing Sounds for Relaxation

Enjoy soothing sounds or white noise to promote relaxation and undisturbed sleep.

Long-Lasting Battery

The headphone's long-lasting battery ensures hours of uninterrupted use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sophie Brown

I liked it, comfortable and has an average sound

Rubie Schamberger

Excellent Bluetooth headset! Comfortable and with great sound, I recommend!

Larue Ullrich

Arrived fast and as per request

Abel Lueilwitz

Arrived fast and well packed

Adonis Paucek

Product arrived well packed and as requested and fast